Why CEX SmartPanels?

CuttingEdge Export offers our high performance SmartPanel building systems that save you money on your construction costs and far outperform conventional construction. We help you design a customized system that makes sense for your project.  We analyze each project and make a recommendation to the system that makes the most sense for our client rather than force‐feeding the system that nets our firm the most profit. We design engineer our systems to exacting specifications.

Our Building Systems

  1. SIP SmartPanels (SIPs) – Rigid foam insulation between two structural skins of oriented strand board (OSB), magnesium oxide board, or concrete board. Most suitable for high volume projects and extreme energy efficiency.
  2. Light Steel Panels (LSPs) – Galvanized steel panelized structure for social housing and other light construction.
  3. Wood Stud Panels (WSPs) – Wood stud panelized structure for social housing and other light construction.
  4. Steel Concrete Panels (SCPs) – Steel skeleton with heavy concrete plate exterior, for heavy commercial and high wind-impact zone residential.
  5. Concrete Stud Panels (CSPs) – Concrete stud wall with monolithic concrete plate exterior, for heavy commercial and high-wind impact zone residential.
  6. Containerized Finished Buildings (CFBs) – 90% complete modular building built inside of an ISO container(s). Commercial and institutional finishes are available. Can be combined with panels installed around the container to minimize cost for air space.

Savings Bonus

Our customers typically achieve savings of 5-20% of money and 30-50% in time compared to traditional site-built homes, even though our building systems are superior.  Savings vary according to the location, site conditions, and project design. Savings are both in up-front and life-cycle costs.

  • Bulk purchasing of materials based on long-term contracts
  • Efficient factory production processes and project streamlining
  • More energy efficient systems with tighter building envelopes
  • Reduction in on-site labor costs and time, and reduction in labor / logistical inefficiencies
  • Reduction in the effect of weather delays or material degradation from weather
  • Superior livability with lower cost of ownership
  • Better performance in natural disasters

Many of our clients want to use an efficient green building system that is pre-assembled in our factory but there are project specific conditions that make modular construction impractical.

International construction projects that require shipping via standard ISO containers do not work with our domestic modular buildings, so a “flat-pak” system is more shipping efficient and more appropriate.  Steep hillside lots in older communities are often inaccessible for large modular home sections and the cranes that come to set those sections. Some clients are interested in shipping their SmartPanel package to a location outside of the US that is more efficient to ship to in standard shipping containers rather than expensive bulk freight. Other people may want to build on a slab foundation, which is not possible with traditional modular construction. Or, your interest might be to build a specific architectural feature that is not conducive to building with a 80% complete modular construction.

Whatever the reason, the destination, the building code, or the weather conditions, we can deliver a SmartPanel system that guarantees you speed and quality to our exacting standards. If you want to build fast and have a high-quality, long-lasting structure, you are looking for Cutting Edge SmartPanels.

Each of our SmartPanel products are fabricated using controlled processes on our factory production line. This results in straight and true structural components that install quickly on your foundation, perform to the highest quality standards over time, and reduce many of the problems created by conventional framing systems that are built slowly and exposed to the elements.

We can provide all of the materials to finish the home at the job-site packed efficiently into containers as part of our comprehensive SmartPanel package. Any of these panels can be built as an open panel that can be inspected on-site, or as a closed panel that is fully finished on both sides when it arrives at the job-site, depending on the building code requirements in your area. If this requires our qualification to a specific international standard than we are capable of performing the certification process, including CE and other common standards.

Most deliveries to locations in the USA require “open panel construction” so that they may be inspected on-site, although for larger quantity projects we can deliver “closed panels” with all of the finishes in the USA.

Which system do we recommend? Each system responds to different needs. The answer is that we need to know more about your project, your wishes, your design, and your site, and we will help you to make the best choice for you.  We provide a complete schematic and engineered system design to ensure delivery of the best system for your needs.

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