What we do

We build fast, smart, and economically.

Cutting Edge Export Ltd is a scale-project building systems company that delivers highly finished building components worldwide.  We meet the needs of clients with large projects who want to build sturdy, energy efficient structures to precise specifications, and who don’t want to wait forever to finish the work.  We are becoming a global leader in prefabricated construction.

Our principals and officers have extensive building and development experience.  Our team includes the largest US Exporter of prefabricated buildings, one of North America’s largest engineering and project consulting firms, one of the top US-domestic prefabricated building and distribution firms, the leading global supply chain and freight forwarding company, manufacturing facility managers, materials suppliers, engineers, registered architects, and respected financial industry folks.  Our team approaches each project with our clients or development partners with one critical question: What is the best building system for this project and how can we most efficiently design and deliver this system?

We have observed many projects that are built either with the fad building system of the day or whatever the pet (and most profitable) system of the first salesperson to meet a client.  We take an entirely different approach.  There are many building systems that could be used on a particular project, but often one makes the most sense.  We evaluate the holistic criteria of the project and all of the system options that a client has: modular; wood, foam, concrete, or steel framed panels; or conventional construction.

Using a cost-benefit analysis, we develop a concept of the project, identify the needs and preferences of the stakeholders, analyze the production needs, and evaluate the local market factors.  One system will rise to the top and we recommend it as the best system.  This approach yields higher end values to our clients and results in more fitting and attractive finished projects.

We are a design focused company and retain an in-house architectural group and work closely with several teams of architects and engineers.  Our project phases include a formal feasibility study, a Design Development stage, a Construction Document development stage, the permitting stage, and the concurrent off-site and on-site construction and completion phase.

We don’t take production deposits for items that we can not immediately put on order.  We develop our projects methodically, only taking in money for what we are working on, and guaranteeing that funds will not be commingled between projects.

Our staff are each screened thoroughly and come to us as development partners, through our contractors or suppliers, or through close personal referrals.  We take pride in having a professional, hard-working team and our clients appreciate that we are constantly working on their projects and more readily available than our competition.

If you have any other questions about our company, please contact our corporate office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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